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Hello. I am Miho.
I studied photography at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Country (BA in Visual Arts). Upon graduating, I worked for a community outreach program at the International Center of Photography NYC as an intern. After returning to my home country, Japan, I have photographed over 800 couples on the day of their wedding.

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Explanation of 3 features of photo session


photo session

Photo session can be intimidating for some; especially when you sit in a studio. How about a walk in the park or sightseeing? Forget about the camera, and just enjoy the time with your family. I will photograph your portrait under beautiful sunlight.


of your choice

Select your favorite sites around Tokyo. No additional charge for any place within 23 wards of Tokyo that are accessible by train or subway.


delivery of data

You will be able to download all photos within 7 days after the session; image size is large, so it is capable of printing. Also, you are welcomed to post on SNS and personal emails. It means that you can take your time to pick the favorite image or share them all!

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Photo sessions around Tokyo

Photo sessions around Tokyo

Photo sessions around Tokyo

Photo sessions around Tokyo

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My personal works

Photo session = Collaboration

A chemical reaction happens to all photos whether on film or digital camera.

Photographs record not only your emotions but also my feelings as well. A person can tell whether we were nervous or relaxed just by looking at an image. Needless to say, it is not easy to feel comfortable especially if we just met each other for the first time.

I think trust is one of the most important factors for the session. At least a day before, I will call you to check and make sure we are ready for it. Talking on the phone might help you feel a little bit familiar with me. Also, please feel free to ask any questions or tell me your requests at any point before or during the session. Please note there will be time to talk about your preferences before the photo session.

The word "session" is often used for music performances of Jazz. I think photo session is similar because collaboration creates both. During a photo session, you will also be a player just like me. Let's create amazing pieces of memory together. What I ask of you is just to be yourself. You do not need to act out like a clown or dance like a street performer. I want to see "you" being "you." That's your part. I know this may be awkward at first, but soon I should be able to see natural smiles on your face. My part is to capture beautiful moments while you, your partners and families interact with each other.

Let me steal the moment and frame it in a photo for you. I am ooking forward to having a session with you.

About Locations

The advantage of photo shooting at home, nearby park, and on the street is that you will easily be relaxed.

Photographs record not only yourselves but also backgrounds. It's a great way to make a photo diary of your day. Please, benefits from documentary style photography on locations. We can have a session indoor and/or outdoor with your intimate surroundings of your interior, collections, and even bicycle and car!

On location photo allows photographers to shoot your kid's and pet at your favorite park while he/she play naturally. Let's have a session at various spots, so it will help you remember all good stories behind it.
Some customers might say, "My home is too small." "Our rooms are too messy because kids put out toys all the time."

Don't worry.

You may feel embarrassed a little when you look a the photograph today. How about 20 years later? Will the house or the street look the same? You may have moved in few years.

When I take pictures, I think about the day when you will look back these photos with your grandchildren. The photograph will play like a time capsule which allow you to travel back the time. I hope one of my photographs will be treasured in the future.

Pricing & Packages

11,000yen or $100 USD non-refundable booking fee

Online gallery with option to order professional quality prints
Additional images available for purchase after viewing
Style guide to help family's wardrobe for great photos


25,000    Yen

  • 30minute Session
  • 10 Photos
  • Preselected Location
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35,000    Yen

  • 60minute Session
  • 20 Photos
  • One Location
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50,000    Yen

  • 90minute Session
  • ALL Photos (30+Photos)
  • 1-2 Locations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you photograph us outside Tokyo?

I am more than happy to travel beyond Tokyo. The additional cost will be a train ticket or car rental fee and a room charge for me. Please feel free to contact me for quotes and availability.

How long in advance should I book my shoot?

If my schedule allows, we can arrange the session within a few days. Please feel free to ask my availability.

May I cancel the session due to bad weather?

Rain or shine, each session will be unique and special, and I will honor your choice. On the day before the session, I will contact you if you are okay to have a session with forecasted weather information. When 20-year heavy snowfall or Typhoons are passing over, I will let you know few days ahead so we can re-schedule.

May I know the Cancellation Policy?

Reservations canceled less than 8 days before the date of the session will incur the following charges:
8 days in advance; No charge
7 to 2 days in advance; 30%
One day in advance; 80%
Same day or No Show; 80%

For Example:
A photo session on August 10
Contact before August 2; No charge.
Contact between August 3-8; 30%
Contact on August 9 or 10; 80%

Can you help me pick the location and time?

Of course! Japan has much attraction of sites and tree leaves changes its color. Depend on your interest and season; I will help you pick the best backdrop for your photo session. Time is also an important factor of the image. I love the lighting during sunsets, and I can make a tentative schedule which allows us to capture the sunset.

Can I use a credit card?

You can use VISA / Master / American Express cards. Please make your payment in person when photo session has finished.

How do I contact you if I get lost and can't find the meeting place?

When you are lost on the way, please feel free to call me or message me through SNS.

Is there a way to receive the data besides downloading online?

I can mail the photo data by saving them onto USB memory or DVD. This is an optional service costing 3,000yen which include shipping fee within Japan. Please ask for quotes for oversea shipping.

What size are the photos?

The photographs in JPG format with high resolution (3600 by 2400px). I will email you with a private download link within 7 days after the session.

Any Question?

Ask Miho for more details!