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Your Vacation Photographer Miho IIMURA.

Hello. I am Miho.
I studied photography at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Country (BA in Visual Arts). Upon graduating, I worked for a community outreach program at the International Center of Photography NYC as an intern. After returning to my home country, Japan, I have photographed over 800 couples on the day of their wedding.

Photography is an essential communication tool for me. It's been my best friend ever since I bought my first SLR camera when I was in junior high school. I simply love photography, and I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to meet new people through photo sessions.

I am a freelance photographer, who does not own a studio. The greatest thing about it is that I get to take more personal, lifestyle photographs of my clients. In the past, documentary style photography is something you choose only on the Big Day. Now, it's beginning to be a trend to hire a personal photographer during your honeymoon and family trip overseas.

Also, a session does not need to be on special occasion. I hope you would let me join an afternoon play time with your children at your nearest favorite park. A photograph is like a time capsule; it allows you travel back to the moment of the image. That let you start to talk about stories behind it. I hope to capture precious moments that happen every day of your life.