Babymoon, Maternity Photo in Tokyo

“baby-moon”_ a holiday taken by a pregnant woman and her husband or partner, usually before their first baby is born.

Longman Dictionary. Retrieved from

It was my first time to hear the word “Baby-moon” and soon understood what it means by reading through a request. What a wonderful opportunity to do a maternity photo with overseas guests. I heard they have several friends living in Japan and had a blast at the last trip and decided to come back for their babymoon.

They and their family were super excited about welcoming the first grandchildren in a family. I am so happy to know they are fortunate to get help from both mothers. For Japanese women, it’s common to go back old home to get help through the last period of pregnancy and after giving birth. She usually comes home with a newborn baby after a 1-month checkup.

Although I don’t have deep knowledge about what pregnant woman goes through in each country, I feel Japan is quite strict towards a pregnant woman.

There are so many prohibited or should avoid foods. So I think having some ice cream during a vacation is a must!

We had a great time wandering the city together!

I hope this post gave you some insights of a photo shoot with local English speaking photographer Miho Iimura.

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