Cherry Blossom in February Tokyo. Early Sakura is blooming at Shinjuku Gyoen Park!

Can I see Sakura in February?

If you are wondering if it’s possible to view sakura in Feburary, you’ll find the answer here. Last weekend, 16month old daughter and I went to Shinjuku Gyoen Park to check out cherry blossom of the year 2019.

To cut the story short, there are beautiful cherry blossoms in mid-February. (Updated in 2024: One of the big early Sakura tree was in full boom at Feburary 15th.) 

kanzakura, early blooming Sakura Tree at Shinjuku Gyoen Park

On February 16, 2019, approximately 80% of the flower petals were open and looked stunning! By April 21st, the park’s official blog stated that it’s now in full bloom. However, there is one significant Kanzakura tree that has not bloomed yet, so we anticipate it will start blooming later this month.

For less crowded Sakura photos, consider visiting Japan in mid to late February.

When does Yoshino Sakura typically bloom?

Every year, I get more and more requests for a photo session with Sakura. However, the peak timing for the most popular sakura, Yoshinozakura, is restricted. It can vary, but typically, the end of March is the most likely time. So, if you wish to witness Sakura blooming all over Tokyo, plan your trip around that period!

What Kan-Sakura represents?

The pictures showcase Kanzakura, the initial blooming Sakura type in Spring. Just so you know, the symbol Kan (寒) signifies COLD in Chinese. It blooms early when the spring weather is still cold. Its pink color is notably deeper than Yoshino. As a result, it stands out in photographs.

For your travel information, the lowest temperature this morning was around 2 °C. Stepping outside felt a bit chilly. Nevertheless, it rose to 13 °C by midday.

open lawn area

At the end of March, when Sakura will be full bloomed, that means when all trees on this pictures will turn pink, this lawn will be filled with Hanami guests.

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Sakura Forecasts of this year in English

Everyone in Japan is so keen on “when” is the best timing to do Hanami, sakura viewing party under the trees of Sakura, many organziation announces thier forcast for Sakura blooming dates. Herere are several in Engilsh.

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