Early Sakura, Cherry Blossom in Tokyo / Kawazuzakura at Yoyogi Park

Spring has come!

As entering into March, temperature goes up and it’s so nice to take a walk outside. So, I took my daughter to the Yoyogi park. It’s the park I go quite often as a location for family photography.

This time, we found Mimosa.

A cute little tree yet very rich flowering with energetic color.

Look at a camera please…

According to the guide map by park, “Yoyogi park is the fifth largest metropolitan park in the 23 wards of Tokyo.” There are a variety of facilities such as outdoor performance stage, sports stadium, and dog run and more. Locates next to Meiji Jingu Shrine and few minutes walk from pop & youth culture center Harajuku, it’s quite a convenient park for travelers.

walking with stones in both hands


many many many crows at this park

Park has different looks in each area. There are flower gardens and water area, lawn fields and event area. The park area has wild forest look that makes us forget it’s at the center of Tokyo.

What I think the best charm is three fountains near the center open field area. It shoots up 15-30 meter high. Kids loves this fountains! And I cannot forget to mention there are crows as many as I am scared.

The early blooming Sakura trees, Kawazu-zakura(河津桜) also locates at the center area.

The trees are not too big, and brunches are stretching down so it is photo friendly. However, we should avoid touching the tree branches as it damages and stresses Sakura trees.

Since our visit was on Saturday. There are many people at the Sakura photo spot around noon. If you want to avoid crowds, you can visit in the early morning on weekdays. There are several trees, this helps spread the crowds, so if you wait patiently it’s possible to take some pictures without some people in the frame.

Together with Mimosa, Yoyogi Park offers such a photogenic spot, so I wish I will have a session in early spring next year!

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Handy link to English Sakura Forecast

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