Proposal Photo in Tokyo, at Yoyogi Park

In the early summer of 2019, I had an opportunity to witness a surprise proposal. The charming couple was traveling from London. They have been to Tokyo two years ago, and they loved it! and came back again this year.

To do this surprise proposal photo session, Groom to be and I had exchanged quite a few messages and had a video chat to plan the moment.
He had an idea of taking her to the cafe they had a great time on the last trip, go to a cat cafe they loved and then find out it’s closed and make her disappointed and then go to the park to do surprise proposal. Isn’t it a brilliant plan?

The walk to the park

How propose went? Of course, she said “YES!”.

What made this purpose so special was that there were many other witnesses of the moment besides me. To tell you the truth, I was not happy with how things went at the very moment. The readers may wondering  what are you talking about… I share the story with more photos.

“Congratulations! “claps from passing Yogi girls.

The Burger man noticed the moment and “Wow!” covering the mouth

Photographing behind the girl’s back makes it challenging to get the exact photo as I am imagining in my head. I cannot ask them where to stop nor pose them. Things must go natural and it’s goes fast! So, it’s a nerve-racking assignment and I was nervous as much as himself.

The Burger man’s partner handing out instax photo to them.

Noticed the Instax photos in a woman’s hand? The random photo loving woman decided to take a photo of the moment. She was kind of in my way… Sure, she had no idea they have another photographer taking photos of them at the same moment. I cannot blame her. So I quickly changed the point I was shooting although I couldn’t comprehend what is going on at the moment.

It took me a short while to cool my head and accept this as wonderful happenings. But now I love it. It was really funny how she took photos of them and gave a picture as a gift.

After he introduced me as a surprise photographer, we walked around the park to take some more photos.

She was so happy with tears and I was so relived it went great.

The roses were blooming and it matched so well with her cute outfit!

I hope this post gave you some insights of a photo session with local English speaking photographer Miho Iimura.

If there’s any question or request regarding your proposal in Japan, please feel free to contact me. I will be excited to plan the day with you!

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