Vacation Photo with Sakura Cherry Blossom

Hi. Welcome to a photo blog of Miho Iimura. I am a local English speaking photographer in Tokyo.

Here I’d like to share pictures of a cool family from New Caledonia. They are a family of four with two beautiful girls.

We were at Shinjuku Gyoen Park.  This park locates about 10 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku Station, the world’s busiest station which more than 3 million people passing by.

By the way, depending on how familiar and comfortable you are finding the location, I can also meet you at your hotel and start from there. Another tip is taking a Taxi/Cab to the spot, so you don’t need to get lost in complex subway/train lines.

The older sister did some gymnastics for me. Awesome!

There are many different varieties of cherry trees. As this park is known for Cherry blossoms, there are more than 1000 trees of 65 species and you can see what they look like at this link.

Although Yoshino Cherry is most typical, the chance of catching Yoshino’s full bloom be small. What’s so great about Shinjuku Gyoen Park is they have early to late blooming kinds so we can find some kind of Sakura blooming from February to April.

These photos were taken on April 12, 2018. The cherry blossom is called Yae Sakura, late-blooming double blossom cherry trees are called yaezakura.

We were so fortunate to be there at the peak of the bloom. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom for about a week.

After taking plenty of photos around Sakura, we took a walk around the park and found a nice spot for mom and dad only shots.

As kids started to feel enough of photos, I asked sisters to blow away the fluff of a dandelion. Ohhh the light was so gorgeous! I love shooting around sunset.

I hope this post gave you some insights of a photo shoot with local English speaking photographer Miho Iimura.

If there’s any question or request regarding your vacation photography, please feel free to contact me. As talked on the blog, the beauty of Sakura petals lasts only about two weeks. The timing shifts about a week or more each year.

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